Life Insurance
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NACTA's life insurance program offers dozens of plan choices from top rated insurance companies. We offer policies from $5,000 to $10,000,000 for all members of your family. Whether you need coverage for your lifetime or for just 10 - 30 years while your children are growing up or while you are paying off a mortgage we've got a plan for you. "Do-it-yourselfers" can run dozens of instant quotes or, if you prefer, just fill out our online form or call one of our licensed representatives and we'll do the work for you.

Life Insurance – The “What, Why, Who, and How”

Does life insurance seem like a foreign language to you? Now there is a way to take the confusion out of making those tough decisions about which kind and how much coverage are right for you. Instead of using product names and technical terminology we have devised a system that tells you what the different kinds of life insurance do, and who is likely to buy each type of plan. When you understand what each kind of life insurance does and you read our list of who is most likely to buy each kind of coverage you are very likely to find yourself somewhere on the list.

Think of it as a “GPS” for finding the right life insurance.
When you scroll down the page here’s what you will find:

  • What’s It Called?      
  • Why People Own It?
  • Who Buys It?
  • How Much Do I Need?

After you have used our system you may find that two or more types of coverage are fairly equal in terms of your short and long-term needs. Not to worry. Many of today’s policies can be “blended” to combine two or even three types of coverage in one. With more options than ever before we know that you will find just the right plan at just the right price

þ Check off the ones that apply to you.

Total the check marks in each column to see which plan is best for you and your family


What’s it called? >>

Term Insurance

Term Insurance with Return of Premium

Universal LifeInsurance

Whole Life Insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance


Why do people own it?

l To replace the income their families will lose due to a premature death

l To guarantee that their mortgage will be paid off in case of premature death

l To provide a college fund for their children in case of premature death

l Protection from premature death only – coverage for 10 – 30 years

l Protection from death at any age

l Returns all premiums after 20 or 30 years (your choice) if no claim made

l Accumulates cash for future needs (retirement, college costs, home or auto purchase, etc)

l In order to have a small fund ($5,000 - $50,000) for funeral and final medical bills

Who buys it?

l People who need a lot of coverage at a low cost to provide for their families

l People with a short-term need who like the idea of a premium refund

l People who need to provide for children or a spouse and accumulate cash

l Business owners who want to buy out their partner’s survivors in case of death

l Business owners who want to attract or retain a key employee

l People who need a policy that increases benefits to keep up with inflation

l Young single people who don’t want their family to pay for their funeral

l Business owners who want to protect their company from loss of a key employee

l People who are responsible for an elderly parent or relative

l People who want loans and credit cards paid off in case of premature death

l People who want to leave a legacy for a charity or religious organization

l People who need protection and supplemental savings

l People who want funds for funeral expenses for death at any age

l People who want to vary their premium payments in future years

l People who want a no examination, no blood test application process

l People who don’t believe Social Security will provide enough retirement income

l People who need a lot of short-term coverage at the lowest cost

Add up the checkmarks >>>>


How much do I need?>

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